Got a question or an issue? Chances are you’ll find the answer or solution below! If not, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at ambassador@bolt.eu.

1. What is the value of my code?

Your code provides a discount on the first ride with Bolt, exact discount value can be found below:

  • Azerbaijan - 1.5 AZN

  • Croatia - 20 HRK

  • Czech Republic - 100 CZK

  • Estonia - 5 EUR

  • France - 10 EUR

  • Ghana - 15 GHS

  • Kenya - 250 KES

  • Latvia - 3 EUR

  • Lithuania - 3 EUR

  • Nigeria - 600 NGN

  • Poland - 10 PLN

  • Portugal - 3 EUR

  • Romania - 10 RON

  • South Africa - 40 ZAR

  • Sweden - 100 SEK

  • United Kingdom - 10 GBP

  • Ukraine - 45 UAH

2. Why doesn't my code work?

It probably does. If it’s your first month with us, please let us know and we’ll check whether everything is set up correctly. If it isn’t, your code should be working just fine – they don’t tend to stop working out of the blue.

Please ask anyone who tells you it doesn’t work to report this via the Support section inside the Bolt app. The issue is most likely on their side, and our local support team will be able to pinpoint what the problem is exactly and do their best to get it sorted.

3. Why doesn't my “Bolt Ambassador” credit work?

It probably does. If it says "inactive promo" next to “Bolt Ambassador”, it simply means that you have another promo code that cannot be used in conjunction with your Bolt Ambassador credit. If the app makes you change your payment method to cash or card, it means you have run out of your credit for this month. The credit is renewed on the first calendar day of each month and the unused credit does not accumulate.

4. Can we offer something to existing Bolt users?

The main objective of the Bolt Ambassador Program is to get new people to try out Bolt, which is why your code can be applied to first rides only. However, sometimes we have local campaigns that are targeted towards our existing users – you might get a chance to participate in those, too. Keep your eyes peeled for these campaigns!

5. Which cities is Bolt available in?

You can find the full list here – and it is constantly growing! You can use your credits in each of those cities.