Content Guidelines


Encourage your followers to start using Bolt — get them to download the app and take their first ride using your swipe-up link 🌟


✅ Include your discount code

✅ Add your custom swipe-up link to download the app

✅ Tag your local Bolt Instagram account and add #bolt_ambassador


✅ Mention one of the below talking points in the context of your own experience and values don’t just say “use my code XXX for a discount”

✅ Spread the word about our local marketing campaigns and company news — like the time we planted trees in Estonia in exchange for Instagram stories or made Ms. Uber our brand ambassador in Poland

✅ The visual should give an idea of what our service is about


  • We provide a fast and reliable way to move around cities — we have skilled and reliable drivers and short arrival times.

  • We believe in affordable trips and happy drivers. Our ride-hailing model benefits both drivers who earn more thanks to a smaller commission as well as passengers who end up paying less for their journey.

  • We’re the biggest platform in Europe to offer carbon-neutral rides — we take responsibility for our carbon footprint and work to decrease our emissions by adding more electric vehicles to the platform while offsetting our current footprint (in Europe) by investing in projects that actively reduce emissions.

  • We want to make people's lives better by saving them time and money and reducing stress: no more walking in the cold, being stuck in stuffy public transport, carrying heavy bags, wasting time in traffic jams or looking for a parking spot.


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    B) Lonely...
    C) Hungry?

    Don’t you worry, I have the solution to each of these problems... Use my code [CODE] to get [CURRENCY] [AMOUNT] off your first Bolt ride to visit a friend who’ll make you fall off your chair laughing. Or maybe go to get the nicest little burger and sit people-watching (or pigeon-watching. Whichever you fancy).

    You’re welcome. 😉

  1. You know that amazing feeling when you’re sitting in traffic, then get stuck looking for a parking spot for another 30 minutes? You know what’s amazing about it? The realisation that next time you’re definitely taking a Bolt instead! 😅 Use my code [CODE] to get [CURRENCY] [AMOUNT] off your first ride and reduce your stress levels by 68%.


Get your creative juices flowing ✨

"... This time of year is super hectic and there is so much to do before Christmas! Bolt makes sure I no longer need to carry heavy gifts, avoiding bad weather and overcrowded Tube! Now I have more time and energy to meet the social expectations and spend more quality time with my loved ones..."

"... Commute used to take me up to two hours one way. Thankfully, it has gotten so much easier to move around: the combination of ride-hailing and public transport allows to move from point A to point B conveniently and quickly. How long does your commute take?..."

"... You can share your ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) to your loved ones so they don’t worry and keep calling you. You can also use it to track your friends that are fond of lying. So they don’t tell you they are close when they are still on their street. We are now woke and we will be asking for your ETA..."


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